When did this happen??

How did this happen? How did I get old? More importantly when did it happen?!

Y’all I learned something new about myself recently. I learned that I am officially old. Yep. I’m an old fuddy dud. It’s officially official. Want to know how I learned this? Well here is the story…

The hubby and I went to put in a layaway for some Christmas gifts. I have bought a few things and hid them away through the end of summer but decided to get a layaway to finish up the gifts we still had left to buy. So we went shopping and got two gifts for each child to finish up their Christmas presents and we took the buggy to the layaway counter.

A nice young lady came out and started ringing everything up. She got my information and asked for an email address to put on file so I could get email updates. Yeah sure! I gave my email.

Now this is where you need some context… you see, I’ve had the same email since I was engaged and in college. It’s simple and professional. First initial, last name, and some numbers. Easy.

Now on with the story. I give the young lady my email and she types it in then says “okay and that was @ A O L .com? Like just the letters A O and L? Huh… I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that…” I couldn’t contain myself, u burst into latter and replied “I’ve had it over 10 years, I guess it’s now considered old school” πŸ˜‚ she then said “wow you’ve had it ten years!?” Yep… I’m officially old apparently.

My husband and I laughed about it after leaving. I am a creature of habit… I don’t like change… I’m old…

Then as I played a game on my phone trying to stay awake after a long and exhausting day my husband asked me “what ya playing over there?” I respond with “candy crush” he then says ” wait that’s still a thing?” I laughed and said “well you know me, I don’t like to jump on the bandwagon when something is popular… I like to do it in my own time…” he laughed and said while laughing “like with your email huh?”

We were watching tv and a commercial came on for “A Place for Mom”. My kids decided that’s where I needed to go… it’s a retirement/nursing home type of ad… So, yeah, apparently I’m old. It was news to me. I still considered myself pretty young. I’m only 30… πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€£

So have you ever learned something new about yourself? Gotta love it.

So what are you going to be for Halloween…

I deep cleaned the entire house Monday. Every surface was clean. Every floor was shining. I woke up determined and I got it done. Then Tuesday came and I got every piece of clothing in the house clean. Every towel washed and everything put away. Today I was *supposed* to make cupcakes for tomorrow.

I say *supposed* because you see that’s not what happened. What happened was no where near as productive. The cupcakes were *supposed* to be for baby girls physical therapist because tomorrow was *supposed* to be her graduation day from therapy. But that isn’t happening either… (she will still graduate, just won’t have her farewell visit)

Instead we spent the morning at the doctors office. And when I say we I mean myself and all four kids. One that had been up all night with a temp of 103-106 degrees. One that was so bored she was bouncing off the walls. One that was screaming because he is autistic and hates being off schedule… and going to the doctor and sitting for over an hour was nowhere on his schedule today… and one that wanted to nurse every 5 seconds… just because she could.

We learned that they don’t know what is wrong, they did some tests and we wait for the results (tomorrow). The quick test for flu was negative so that’s good… they believe it’s a virus and is just worse on him because of his immune system. And now the daughter that was bouncing off the walls is also running a temp so looks like it will go through the family…

I didn’t come to complain today though. I promise. I just find it crazy how the curve balls keep coming… but we are going to make it!

So Halloween isn’t happening for us this year due to illness (and horrible yucky weather πŸŒ§β›ˆπŸŽƒ) so we are making the most of it and tomorrow I will *hopefully* make cupcakes and rice krispy treats. We will watch Halloween movies and make the best of our rainy, sick Halloween night.

It’s funny how you make these plans and and think you are *supposed* to be or do or become something when in reality your future is already planned out and you have no clue what is actually going to happen. We just make these plans and have these expectations that in reality are just “goals” not necessarily what will happen. Sometimes what actually happens leads to bigger and better things than we could ever imagine… sometimes what actually happens keeps us from harm or keeps us on course… and sometimes it is nothing like what we expected but we make it work. So what are your plans? πŸ€ͺ

The anniversary curse

My 10 year anniversary was this past week. If you have been following for a while then you know that anniversaries are usually eventful in my house… and not in a good way…

For the newer followers let me explain. My anniversary has been cursed for… well… since I got married. No I don’t really believe in curses but we jokingly call it a curse and you will understand why by the end of this post.

You see, a week or 2 before my wedding I caught H1N1(aka swine flu). I was hospitalized and then I was put on bed rest up until my wedding day. On my wedding day my best friends mom passed away unexpectedly. (I cried on and off all day). My first wedding anniversary I felt horrible and ended up having mono. Then once we started having kids someone was sick, in the hospital or hurt every year. For instance, one year my daughter was in the hospital for breathing issues from a cold that turned into croup, another year my son was in the ER from being so sick, and yet another year my husband ended up with appendicitis and had to have his appendix removed…

So needless to say we tend to not make plans on our anniversary, we have a favorite meal but we don’t make plans to go out (and if we do it is week or 2 after). So this year we planned on having dinner at home, I took the kids out to a playground and to pick out pumpkins during the day. It was a fun day for the kids. We got home and ate dinner once the hubby came home. Then the kids went to bed and I sat on the couch and thought “well we made it through an anniversary without anyone getting hurt, sick or hospitalized! I call this a win!”… that was my mistake… because then it happened. My son came walking down the steps and when he was less than half way down he slipped and fell… flipped once… and landed at the bottom of the stairs. He ended up falling down 6-7 steps and had a large egg size knot on his head and a smaller bump on his back.

Thankfully he is okay! He still has a knot a couple days later but he didn’t break anything (thank the Lord!) so we just spent a few hours watching him and making sure he didn’t develop any signs or symptoms that he needed to go to the ER.

Moral to the story… don’t even think a statement like I did… bc it will then happen. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Missing out

My daughter wants to do Girl Scouts as I have mentioned before… last night was the first parent meeting (to try to get more parent volunteers). We met at a local elementary school. As I walked in I was hit with a kind of sadness. I walked through the empty halls of this school and suddenly was more aware of what my kids were “missing out” on. Ice cream Friday’s, library adventures, recess with friends, p.e. and music, class projects. I was suddenly aware of all the small experiences I felt my kids missed out on… but then I remembered something. My kids have experiences that others do not.

They have co-op Friday’s with friends, which include snack shack lunches and recess. Ice cream just because we wanted it, learning experiences and field trips just because they took an interest in something. We can slow down or speed up lessons as needed and they aren’t a number in a class. So yes, their experiences will be different than what I had and what others have, but they will be just as special to them.

I am so happy that I get to spend these years with my kids, I get to have these memories with them. If you are a homeschool family and feel like your kids are “missing out”, don’t stress over what you think the are missing and focus on what amazing experiences that have because of homeschooling! Sometimes as a homeschool family I feel like the odd one out when in a group, but then I remember why we started this journey and I know it is what is right for us.

Until the pieces fit πŸ§©

I have started this post then deleted it a few times. Sometimes I question if I share too much with y’all, but writing this blog helps to keep me sane.

Yesterday was a hard day, it started bright and early, which I didn’t like since I am feeling under the weather. We left the house on time. It was important to leave on time because it was an appointment we have been anxiously awaiting.

It was #3’s appointment for a behavioral evaluation. I loaded him and the youngest (she goes where I go) and my mom and I were ready to go. We ended up running late (due to baby girl deciding that pooping while on the way was a good idea so we had to stop and change her).

Once we arrived we hurried inside and once we got to the waiting area #3 was excited to play. They had an amazing set up. He played with cars until we were called back. We went back and he had vitals taken as well as a picture for his file. (Of course the one day he has a picture taken he has a black eye that he gave himself the weekend before πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ)

I expected the questions. I expected the observation. I even expected it to take over an hour. What I didn’t expect was the results. If anything I guess I expected to not get answers. But it was quite the contrary. Yesterday we found out that there is good reason for my sons meltdowns and challenging behavior. He was diagnosed yesterday with high functioning autism.

I think deep down I already suspected it. So it wasn’t a huge shock to me but I still didn’t expect it to happen, not yesterday. I thought it would be more drawn out. I thought it would be a longer process.(although it’s already been a year in the making)

I expected a lot but I didn’t expect to walk out of the office with pamphlets on autism, family support, therapies and appointments. I left thinking of what I need to do and wondering if homeschool was best or if like the doctor suggested we needed to look at other programs. After homeschooling my oldest two I don’t feel like I could just “throw him to the wolves”. We love homeschool! So I have started researching more co-op and social options for him.

Today I read through the appointment notes and it hit a little harder. It was hard to see it written in black and white. But it doesn’t change my son. It doesn’t change who he is. It doesn’t change how we see him. What is does do is it gives us resources to help him. It gives us ways to cope and it gives him the opportunity to get all the help he needs. Autism doesn’t define him, it’s just a part of the puzzle. We will work on it until all the pieces fit. One thing is for sure, we are not in this alone. We have an amazing support system and we will do whatever we have to.

What was I thinking?!

So… long time no see… it’s my fault, kinda. Life has been crazy to say the least. Homeschool has been going well, co-op is keeping us busy, lesson plans take up a good portion of life right now as well as therapies for 2 kiddos on 2 different days. Then there are evaluations and tests and random appointments to mix into everything.

The hubs accepted a new job so there is that. Then the kids wanted to join Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts… so of course I said yes… while signing my daughter up I am told by my sister in law that they need a leader mentor for the troop. So I call to sign my daughter up and I am told again that they need a leader mentor. So me… being me… says well I could do it. The woman becomes so excited and tells me I made her day. I’m sitting here thinking I will be helping the troop leader with small tasks because I am new to the whole Girl Scout thing… nope. I was wrong… VERY VERY wrong!

Do you know what a leader mentor is in Girl Scouts? Let me tell you(bc now I know) the leader mentor is the freaking troop leader! I’m the one that will be scheduling outings and doing projects with the girls… so I told my husband… he laughed wayyyy harder than necessary. He asked why I would agree to do it with everything else I have on my Proverbial plate. Well the answer to that is simple but comes in two parts… 1. I didn’t know what the heck I was signing up for. And 2. I can’t say no…

So now I will be paying the price for my actions… My outdoors hating, allergic to breathing, never been camping in my life self will be leading a freakin Girl Scout troop! Like guys my idea of camping is staying at a 3 star hotel. I can’t even work in my dang garden without breaking out but now I’m going to be going camping with little girls… pray for me guys… what the heck was I thinking?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚